We are proud to have been teaching and certifying freedivers in British Columbia since 2014. Among our accomplishments:

  • We have issued more than 400 AIDA freediver certifications in British Columbia (AIDA1 through AIDA4).
  • We have organized winter pool training sessions for 6 years
  • We have organized 14 and judged 12 AIDA freediving competitions in British Columbia.
  • We have volunteered our time and equipment to offer low-cost freediving courses to underserved communities in British Columbia and the Yukon Territories.
  • We've developed a thriving freediving community in our home of Vancouver, and four of our former students are now instructors in the area.

    Our vision was a community of certified and safe freedivers who pursue a wide range of freediving activities from recreational all the way to competitive and we feel as if we have achieved this goal. As the community has grown we have changed focus to developing a culture of safe breath-holding in the Vancouver film community. This means we are no longer offering introductory freediving courses on a regular basis to the general public. Our focus is to offer courses and training for the Film and Television community, from introductory, to specialty, to advanced. For the general public we will be offering advanced freediving courses, pool training programs, and competitions as our time and pool availability allows.

    Any courses or training programs open to the general public will be announced on this page so please check back!