Trailblazing the Deep (2023)

"These local women are making bold moves, creating positive change, and bringing new voices to deep-sea exploration, ocean conservation, and underwater technology, film, and photography.

They’re passionate about breaking down barriers, pushing their fields further, calling attention to important issues, and educating and inspiring future generations to protect our oceans.

During this in-person event, three presenters will share what it’s like to work in their field, as well as a standout experience from their career. This will be followed by a collective discussion facilitated by our panel host about how the three fields can work together to improve the future of our seas."


Skin Swimmer (2022)

A film by Hannah Walsh

"Through triumph and failure, Roberta trains for one of the most challenging feats in action sports; an ice mile in three degree water. Join resident seals on this gripping and adventurous journey, where Roberta’s intimate connection with the Salish Sea is front and center."


North Shore News (2021)

Vancouver divers to reach new depths in Howe Sound freediving competition


Vantropolis Podcast (2020)

"Roberta Cenedese is a self-proclaimed 'oceanoid' - a human that is drawn to spend much of their time and energy in the water. On the film side of things, she works as an underwater Stunt Performer and Water Training & Safety Diver, working alongside stunt coordinators and stunt performers to guide technical water shots on set. She also trains actors to safely extend their breath hold for work in front of the camera - with safety always being paramount. We talk about what it's like to work underwater on set, how much the mind plays a role and why everyone should explore their own waters, wherever they live."


The Underwater Podcast (2020)

"In episode twenty three, host Brett Stanley chats with Master Freedive Instructor & cold water specialist Roberta Cenedese. Based in Vancouver Canada, Roberta often works on film and tv sets coaching actors for their underwater scenes, she works alongside stunt performers as part of the safety team, and provides guidance to the production on how to achieve some of the technical shots their going for. They chat about breath holding techniques, how dangerous cold water can be, and how amazing it was working on a show like Siren."


Mountain Life Media (2019)


Rad Women of the Sea to Sky - "Spending his summers on the Sea to Sky region of British Columbia, Australian adventure sports photographer and Olympus Imaging ambassador Lachie Carracher was constantly blown away by how many bad ass females athletes were showing all the boys what’s up all summer long. Lachie wanted to profile local, athletes that truly shred every aspect of the Sea To Sky in summer. Freediving, Kiteboarding, Rock climbing, Mountain biking and Base jumping."