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Roberta has worked in the film industry for 30 years beginning at IATSE 669, becoming a production coordinator in 1996, and eventually taking her competitive and training experience to set in the Stunt department. As a freedive instructor and ice swimming coach she has used her skills to train and support numerous performers to safely extend their breath hold for work in front of the camera and has advised and supported cold and ice water stunts. She focuses on the individual performer and their needs so that they can perform comfortably. Roberta's goal is to use her years of experience to get the shot, simply, safely, and efficiently.
Our ONE DAY WORKSHOP FOR STUNT PERFORMERS teaches skills for safe and successful water work - tanks or open water, breath hold and/or cold water. We make you more comfortable in/under water and offer tips to make the experience smooth and fun. To date more than 150 stunt performers and actors have taken the Stunt course and several continue to train under Oceanoid and have entered the competitive freediving arena. 
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Some featured titles:
"1923" Shot on location at Malta Film Studios, training and safety
"Percy Jackson" Season 1 - training and working with lead actor Walker Scobell
"Keep Breathing" - Breath hold and cold water training and safety with lead cast
"Pachinko" - underwater training and safety with young cast and stunt performer
"Hello, Goodbye, and Everything Inbetween" - cold water safety cast and stunt performers
"The Haunting of Bly Manor" - cast training and safety
2016 - 2019
"Siren" Pilot, Seasons 1 - 3, training and safety for all cast members and stunt performers
"Power Rangers" - training & safety lead cast


UBCP  Member
IATSE 891 Member
Teamsters 155 – Permittee
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