Private and Semi Private Freediving or Cold Water Training

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Is there something you want to work on? Book a private session with an Oceanoid Instructor!

Roberta draws on her background as an AIDA Master Freediving Instructor, Ice Swimmer, and Pilates Instructor to help people reach their goals. Or book Matt Townsend with his years of experience as an AIDA Freediving Instructor and a World Competition Safety Diver and Safety Team Instructor. Both Roberta and Matt are also certified Freedive Judges and have an intricate knowledge of competition. Let us help you get where you want to go!

Online, Pool, and/or Open Water; Online, In person, or take away programs.

Prices are $125.00 per hour for a Private and $75.00 per person for Semi-Private (two people). Ask for a quote so we can estimate the time involved for reviewing video or writing programs or in person sessions.