Which course is right for me?

Freediving class pool static breath holdFreediving class ocean depth

There are no prerequisite courses required for either the AIDA1 or the AIDA2 course.

However, to enroll in the AIDA2 you should be able to swim 300 meters (any style, any pace) comfortably and without stopping, and have an ability to kick comfortably with fins, and use a snorkel.  The AIDA2 is the most comprehensive beginning freediving course we offer, with the steepest learning curve, and after this course you will be certified to freedive to 20m. Though it is a group lecture and format, we teach at each individual’s pace. Sometimes, there is more than enough time to complete all the skills within the course structure, but sometimes people need additional training. We offer additional training sessions at a cost to any students that require more time to become comfortable or learn techniques, and allow up to one year for requirements to be met. We can also offer dry and pool training methods to help people gain command over techniques.

The AIDA1 course is recommended to students who need to develop water comfort before enrolling in an AIDA2 course, e.g. how to use a snorkel comfortably at the surface, how to use fins to kick from one end of the pool to the other on the surface; or for people who are only interested in the pool disciplines. An AIDA1 certification will not certify you for any open water training with Oceanoid. The course is held in a pool and we slow down the pace and spend a lot of time going over basic techniques.