Site Customizations


This page will not be displayed to the public (i.e. it won't be added to any navigation menus). It is used for listing any site customizations (code changes) that have been added to oceanoid Shopify site. Configuration settings and theme design preferences that can be changed through the user interface ("front end") do not need to be tracked here. This list is for anything that was changed via the "back end" - e.g. HTML and liquid code. 

Customizations - completed

Customizations - in progress

  • Calendar page is in HTML code so that a border could be added to the <table> tag for each month
  • Modify Notification for Order Confirmation: Displaying a COVID-19 message at bottom of email sent to customers

Customizations - considering

  • Settings > Notifications > Customer Notifications section > Customize button > Logo > choose file - to add oceanoid logo to all notifications
  • Create a page template that we can use for the calendar page to override theme (without modifying theme CSS)