March 24 Templeton Pool Training

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7:30PM-8:30PM Sunday pool session at Templeton Pool. Options are described below: please select one from the drop-down menu and add your cart.

  • Coached Training - $90 One on one training with Coaches Roberta or Matt giving you feedback in real time. We will choose the right coach for you and utilize a number of methods when appropriate including video feedback and specific drills to help you develop and finesse your technique, and recommendations for continued training. The biggest benefit is our eyes directly on you.
  • Guided Training - $50 Programs will be posted online at least 2 days prior to the session. You can print the program and run through it on your own. A written explanation of each drill will also be online so you can make sure you understand how to perform it correctly. We will arrange for at least two freedivers per lane so that you may train together and provide safety for one another. There will be no coach providing feedback.
  • Pool Time - $35 You will need to submit your training program to Oceanoid for approval at least 2 days prior to the training day and will be responsible for providing safety for the other freediver(s) in your lane. Programs cannot be approved at the training session as coaches will be supervising other freedivers. You cannot perform an unapproved program.