AIDA 2 Freediving Course Whitehorse

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This is a special course we're conducting for our friends in the Yukon.

The AIDA 2 course covers all of the knowledge and skills to safely freedive with a buddy with or without a guide line. In this course introduce all the skills and techniques that will allow you freedive safely to 20 meters. Completion of this course also means you can join our open water and pool training sessions to further develop your skills and meet local divers.

Please note there is no pre-requisite for this course, but students should be comfortable in the water. e.g. swimming, breathing through a snorkel etc. If you feel as if you need to develop water comfort we recommend that you enroll in an AIDA1 course beforehand. 

This course will be conducted in Whitehorse, YT with the following schedule:

- September 9, classroom and pool session 1

- September 10, classroom and pool session 2

- September 11 - open water session 1 

- September 12 - open water session 2 and exam

NOTE: At the date of training, if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms, live closely to someone who is sick or experiencing symptoms, or have returned from overseas travel in the last 14 days, you cannot attend an in-person training session.